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I consider Glenn to have been a major part of my business’s success!
alastair taylor, president, taylormade advertising
Thinking “outside the box” is what and who Glenn is.
marshall katz, business development manager, advertek
Depend on Glenn to get the job done quickly and effectively the first time. michael swan, president, swan erickson
Glenn exemplifies high levels of creativity and technical skills. sharon laidlaw, editor, the milk producer
Extremely customer service oriented.
raymond walker, business communications officer, data communications
Glenn is a dynamic marketing resource who creates powerful messages. barbara smith, executive assistant,
davis controls
There is no one better when you are looking for expertise and experience. michael wilson, lawyer at goodman llp
Glenn provides crucial expertise, critical recommendations and IT solutions. pamela williams, controller,
excell communications
Glenn‘s hands on approach makes him a valuable asset at client meetings. michael small, account executive,
coverall computers
Glenn’s client consultative manner delivers high quality design solutions. Janet cramp, account manager, general printers/lowe-marting group
Glenn was an absolute pleasure to work with.
denise Johnston, president, topaz consulting
Glenn took the time to really understand our business. That translates into effective marketing pieces that get results.
simon milestone, leasing marketing manager, northwest healthcare properties

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