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... is looking for opportunities to work with people where he can make difference every day...
With over 25 years of print and digital design, production and IT experience in a wide- range of industries, Glenn would make a great addition to your organization.
Glenn’s an expert in design, production, marketing and IT and has had many roles in the creative world – from creative and production to sales and management – and has worked with small businesses and startups to large corporations like Kodak, Disney, Rogers, GM, and more.
Glenn is the ultimate get’r done kinda person whose creativity and excellent interpersonal skills would prove to be an asset to your team in a multitude of areas.
...a creative, industrious self-starter with an aptitude for mastering systems, problem solving and innovative thinking
strong design
...intuitive, modern design solutions that are original yet practical
technical proficiency
...proficient in cross platform design and production applications
branding expert
...clear understanding of how to create and follow branding guidelines
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multitasker to prioritize and manage multiple projects with competing deadlines
communicator to comprehend complex ideas to clearly articulate abstract concepts
...working knowledge of HTML, CSS, WordPress, CPanel, webhosting, DNS
team player
...empathetic and accepting to a diversity of opinions and approaches

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